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They say you’re only as good as your last, and whoever ‘they’ may be, they’re dead right. The Southern River Band epitomise everything about that statement. Be it a life changing live show, soundtrack-to-the-rest-of-your-life song, cinematic masterpiece video, anything, no, everything - They never fail to raise their own bar.


The band from Thornlie (Where? Exactly) spent their 2019 touring Australia, gigging relentlessly, taking their Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party to anywhere with a stage and a PA. Along with earning their keep at being one of the best live acts in Australia, the band released their sophomore record ‘Rumour & Innuendo’ to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The first single ‘Chimney’ reached a massive global audience, and the aptly titled second single ‘Second Best’ brought with it the bands absolutely ridiculous debut on the silver screen.


Coming into 2020 red hot, and, with perfect vision, SRB played with one of Australia’s greatest ever bands Cold Chisel to over 16,000 rabid fans to ring in the new year. There’s no sign of slowing down for Thornlie’s greatest ever export either - shows with Birds of Tokyo, Jebediah, Gyroscope, Wolfmother, Grinspoon, Amyl & The Sniffers, and a gargantuan National tour supporting arguably the greatest British rock band of the 21st century, The Darkness, lay the foundations for what can only be described as a (insert superlative here) year and beyond for The Southern River Band.


To quote another Australian icon - “Do yaself a favour”.

“These boys don’t fuck around, Cal Kramer is possibly the best front man in Australia”


- X-Press Mag (AUS)

"One of the hottest bands in Australia right now"

- Around The Sound (AUS)

“The Western Australian juggernaut pumped out one of the most entertaining and genuinely thrilling performances to grace Queenscliff in years.”


- Beat Magazine (VIC, AUS)


“These boys have built a reputation around boozin’, schmoozin’ and bruisin’. The Southern River Band now have their sights set on world domination.”


- Happy Mag (AUS)


“The Southern River Band are making a name for themselves as the cure and cause of Saturday night fever”


- The West Australian Newspaper (WA, AUS)

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